Kevin Merkley

Kevin Merkley is a graduate of the Faculties of Music and Education, University of Toronto.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Music Educators Association as President, Regional Workshops, and Membership Director. Kevin now serves the OMEA board as Secretary, is Past President of the Arts Education Consultants of Ontario (ARTSECO) and is a former Director of the Canadian Music Educators Association (CMEA), former Board of Directors member of the Ontario Arts Education Teachers Association (OAETA), and former Chair of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) Arts Committee. He is a former Music Consultant in the York Region District School Board, and taught strings at North Toronto Collegiate and Unionville Meadows Public School.

In 2017, Kevin was presented with the CMEA Builders Award for his promotion of music education through Canada.  In 2007, he co-led the team that revised the Ontario Elementary Music Curriculum, and was part of the 2002 team that wrote the Music Additional Qualifications Curriculum for the Ontario College of Teachers.  He has been a member of the leadership team of several provincial and national conferences, including those of the OMEA, ETFO, and Carl Orff Canada.

Currently, Kevin is the Principal of Aldergrove PS in Markham.


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