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Accommodation and Travel

Ellison Travel & Tours Ltd

Ellison Travel and Tours has been contracted as the official Housing and Transportation Bureau for MusicFest to ensure adequate accommodation for the thousands of students, adjudicators, suppliers and support staff attending the festival. By utilizing the services of Ellison Travel and Tours, MusicFest Canada is able to supply you, the participants, with a convenient, valuable and simple procedure for all of your booking, accommodation and travel needs.

Due to the large number of groups that attend MusicFest Canada, it is necessary for the festival to contract accommodation space early. This ensures that rooms are available for the festival at competitive rates and close to the MusicFest site.

Groups attending MusicFest Canada who require accommodation are required to use properties contracted by MusicFest. As our exclusive agent for these properties, Ellison Travel and Tours can find the best fit solution to your accommodation requirements.

Note: If you are a local ensemble and will not require overnight accommodations, please complete the Travel Waiver and fax it to 702-269-9026 or e-mail it to

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2020 Venue Locations

SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW:

  • Stage A: Instrumental Jazz adjudicated performances
  • Educoncerts
  • Evening Concerts
  • Honour Ensemble Rehearsals: Conn-Selmer Centerstage Jazz Band, Thomastik-Infeld Canadian String Orchestra, Woodshed Canadian Percussion Ensemble

ROZSA CENTRE, University of Calgary, 206 University Court NW:

  • Stage B: Concert Band/Chamber Ensembles/Orchestra adjudicated performances
  • Production Office
  • Scholarship Auditions:  Concert Band/Orchestra/Instrumental Jazz Divisions
  • Photo Stage:
  • Honour Ensemble Rehearsals: Humber National Youth Jazz Combo

HOTEL ALMA, University of Calgary, 169 University Gate NW:

  • Registration
  • Executive Office
  • Honour Ensemble Rehearsals: Denis Wick Canadian Wind Orchestra
  • Ellison Travel & Tours Booth

BELLA THEATRE, Mount Royal University, 18 Mount Royal Circle SW:

  • Stage C: Choral/Contemporary Music adjudicated performances
  • Scholarship Auditions:  Choral Division
  • Honour Ensemble Concerts


  • Honour Ensemble Rehearsals:  Ellison Canadian Honour Choir

Adjudicated performances are open to the public

All adjudicated ensemble performances (Stages A, B & C) are open to the general public, free of charge. Spectators are encouraged to come and hear the finest young musicians in Canada. Headline Concerts and Educoncerts are for participants only. There are a limited number of paid passes available to the general public.

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