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Stage A: Instrumental Jazz/Combos
Stage B: Concert Band/Orchestra/Strings
Stage C: Choral
Stage D: Virtual Performance

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Monday May 13, 2024

Time Stage A Stage B Stage C Stage D (Virtual Performance)
06:00XiaoHulu Ceramic Flute Orchestra (B100)
06:30Rainbow String Orchestra (S200)
07:00Chu Ying Recorder Orchestra (B200)
07:30Eagle Choir of Chengdu Normal Primary School (C501)
08:00ChuYing Wind Band (B200)
08:30Humber College Youth Jazz Ensemble A (A101)Harmonie Jean-de-Brébeuf (B300)"Be True" Chorus (C501)
09:00CMS Advanced Jazz Ensemble A (A101)Trafalgar Senior Castle Band (B300)Sichuan Symphony Orchestra Affiliated Primary School Choir (C501)
09:30Stratford District Secondary School Jazz Combo (A301)Lawrence Park CI Concert Band (B300)Flying Young Orchestra (B100)
10:00White Oaks Secondary School Sax Quartet (B300)School District 60 Concert Band (B200)Canadian International School Big Band (A401)
10:30Sterling Hall Grade 7 Jazz Ensemble (A701)École Secondaire Paul-Hubert Harmonie Vents du Fleuve (B400)Louis Riel School Division Treble Choir (C102)
11:00Pickering High School Jazz Combo (A301)Northern Lights PS Intermediate Band (B100)Merivale High School Intermediate Concert Band (B300)
11:30M. M. Robinson High School Jazz Band (A301)Simcoe Composite School Senior Concert Band (B300)Richmond Delta Youth Orchestra Junior Strings (S200)
12:00Sir William Osler Jazz Band (A701)Stage Band du Collège Laval (A301)
12:30Duke of Cambridge Public School Concert Band (B100)
13:00Lawrence Park CI Symphonic Strings (S300)
13:30Willowdale Middle School Willowdale Jazz Ensemble (A701)Cardinal Leger Senior Concert Band (B200)
14:00Orchestre de Flûtes de l’école Iona (B100)James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School Concert Band (B200)
14:30Halton Junior Jazz Ensemble (A701)Trafalgar Castle School String Ensemble (S300)York House Grade 7 Choir (C101)
15:00Patrick Fogarty Catholic High School - Jazz Band (A201)Sir William Gage M.S. Senior Band (B200)Fraser Heights Senior Band (B300)
15:30Dundas Valley Jazz Band (A301)St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School Concert Band (B300)
16:00Humber College Youth Jazz Ensemble C (A101)Sir William Osler Eagles Concert Band (B100)
16:30Monck Public School Grade 7/8 Jazz Band (A601)St. Michael CSS Thunderbeats Wind Ensemble (B200)
17:00Upper Canada College Intermediate Jazz Ensemble (A401)Sir William Gage Middle School Senior Strings (S300)
17:30GCVI Junior Symphonic Band (B100)
18:00St. Thomas Aquinas Senior Concert Band (B200)
18:30Ancaster High School Senior Concert Band (B200)
19:00Harmonie Élite des Navigateurs (B300)
19:30Monck Public School Grade 7/8 Concert Band (B200)
20:00Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS Concert Band (B300)
20:30Richmond Hill High School Grade 12 Gold Band (B500)

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Time Stage A Stage B Stage C Stage D (Virtual Performance)
06:00"Qingniao" Youth Symphony Orchestra (B100)
06:30Wind Band of Chenghua Experimental Primary School (B100)
07:00Chengdu No.38 Middle School Students’ Chorus (C401)
07:30Eight-tone Wind Band (B200)
08:00Havergal College Senior Band (B300)Chengdu No.7-Yingcai School Golden Eagle Symphony Orchestra (B100)
08:30Centennial CCVI spARTanS Stage Band (A301)River Oaks Public School Concert Band (B100)Folk Band of Chengdu Liewu high School Of Sichuan Province (B200)
09:00Second Wind Woodwind Ensemble (B200)G.P. Vanier Junior Band (B200)Canadian International School Wind Philharmonic (B300)
09:30White Oaks Secondary School Brass Quintet (B301)Port Credit Secondary School Chamber Strings (S300)Canadian International School Symphonic Winds (B400)
10:00Mackenzie Jazz Band (A301)Martingrove Collegiate Institute String Orchestra (S300)
10:30Pickering College Senior Jazz Ensemble (A301)Pineland Public School Concert Band (B100)
11:00Pickering HS Junior Jazz Band (A601)East York Collegiate Institute Concert Band (B200)
11:30St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School Jazz Band (A301)White Oaks Secondary School Intermediate Band (B300)
12:00Northvew Heights Jazz Ensemble (A301)
12:30WL Mackenzie CI Wind Symphony (B300)
13:00Martingrove C.I. Concert Band (B400)
13:30Pickering College Intermediate Jazz (A501)Esterhazy High School Senior Concert Band (B300)
14:00Branksome Hall Concert Band (B200)
14:30Pickering HS Senior Jazz Band (A301)White Oaks Secondary School Concert Band (B500)
15:00Twin Lakes Senior Jazz Band (A301)Emily Carr Public School Symphonic Winds (B100)
15:30JCR Half Step (A301)Willowdale Middle School Wind Ensemble (B100)
16:00Jacob Hespeler Secondary School Jazz Ensemble (A302)Abbey Park High School String Ensemble (S400)
16:30Guelph CVI String Ensemble (S100)St. Andrew's Middle School Concert Band (B200)
17:00White Oaks Secondary School Flute Ensemble (B301)Whitehorse All-City Junior Concert Band (B300)
17:30St. Andrew's College Symphonic Band (B300)
18:00Twin Lakes Senior Concert Band (B300)
18:30Whitchurch Highlands Public School Concert Band (B100)
19:00Loretto Abbey Wind Ensemble (B200)
19:30Sistema Toronto Honours Orchestra (S200)
20:00Jacob Hespeler Secondary School Percussion Ensemble (B301)
20:30Burlington Central High School Concert Band (B300)
21:00The Bees Knees (B301)
21:30Centennial CVI spARTanS Acoustics (B201)

Wednesday May 15, 2024

Time Stage A Stage B Stage C Stage D (Virtual Performance)
08:00Central Huron Secondary School Jazz Ensemble (A301)Turnbull School Concert Band (B100)
08:30Craig Keilburger Jazz Combo (A301)CCVI spARTanS Symphonic Ensemble (B300)
09:00École secondaire catholique l'Essor Jazz Band (A301)Marymount Academy Senior Concert Band (B300)Grant Park High School Advanced Choir (C301)
09:30St.Theresa's Catholic Secondary School "The Academy of Funk" (A301)Port Credit Secondary School Concert Strings (S200)
10:00Eastwood Collegiate "Combo No. 5" (A301)Didsbury High School Symphonic Winds (B400)
10:30Whitchurch Highlands Public School Jazz Ensemble (A601)Erin District High School "TEMPO" concert band (B200)
11:00École secondaire catholique l'Essor Jazz Combo (A301)St. Joseph's Morrow Park Senior Band (B300)
11:30Castlebrook Secondary School Jazz Ensemble (A301)York Mills Collegiate Institute Chamber Strings (S400)Saltfleet Choristers (C301)
12:00Ancaster High School Jazz Band (A301)Huron Heights Chamber Choir (C301)
12:30Dundas Valley Secondary School Junior Band (B100)Gordon Bell High School "VOX" (C301)
13:00Trinity College School Tottenham Band (B100)
13:30South Kamloops Secondary School Jazz Band (A301)Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS Senior Concert Band (B200)Richmond Hill High School Vocal Fusion (C301)
14:00Didsbury High School -The Minor Six (A301)Bande De Sous-Sol (B200)Sir William Mulock S.S. Cadenza (C401)
14:30Pickering College Junior Jazz (A701)Dundas Valley Secondary School Senior Band (B300)St. Clement's Senior Choir (C301)
15:00Hamilton Rising Stars Jazz Band (A302)Holy Trinity Senior Concert Band (B400)Huron Heights Secondary School "C'est Jazz" (C301)
15:30Oakville Trafalgar High School Chamber Ensemble (B301)Henry Larsen ES Senior Concert Band (B300)Glendale Secondary School Vocal Ensemble (C301)
16:00South Kamloops Secondary School Sr. Jazz Combo (A301)Crosby Heights Public School Wind Ensemble (B100)Sir William Mulock S.S. Enter A Capella (C301)
16:30Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS "Saxagon" (B301)CCVI spARTanS Concert Ensemble (B200)St. Clement's School Chamber Choir (C301)
17:00St. Elizabeth Catholic High School Flute Duo (B401)St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School Wind Ensemble (B300)Craig Kielburger Secondary School "Neon" (C301)
17:30R.C. Palmer Jazz Band (A201)William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute String Ensemble (S200)
18:00Jazz Band PHD (A301)St. Joseph's College Secondary School String Ensemble (S300)Sir William Mulock S.S. Rezonance (C301)
18:30St. Andrew's College Concert Band (B100)Pickering High School "Concordia Concert Choir" (C301)
19:00Runnymede Wind Ensemble (B200)
19:30Nepean High School Concert Band (B300)
20:00St. Joseph’s College School Wind Ensemble (B100)
20:30St. Elizabeth Catholic High School RAP Concert Band (B300)
21:00Runnymede Chamber Strings (S200)
21:30Pickering College Grade 8 Concert Band (B100)
22:00Triton Music Junior Band (B100)

Thursday May 16, 2024

Time Stage A Stage B Stage C Stage D (Virtual Performance)
08:00Humber College Youth Jazz Ensemble B (A101)
08:30Stage Band du Cégep de Drummondville (A102)École Secondaire Catholique Franco-Cité - Harmonie Franco (B200)
09:00Henry Larsen ES Jazz Band (A701)Claude Watson School For The Arts Grade 8 Band (B200)Collège Jean de la Mennais "A Capella" (C301)
09:30John Maland High School Jazz Band (A301)St. Thomas of Villanova Concert Band (B200)Father John Redmond FJR RAP Vocals (C301)
10:00Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS "Trumpet +" (B301)Laurel Heights S.S. Senior Concert Band (B300)St. Clements School Junior Choir (C401)
10:30Ensemble de guitares de l'école Madeleine-Brousseau (B301)York Mills Collegiate Institute Symphonic Band (B400)Trafalgar Castle Chorale (C501)
11:00Nepean All-City Jazz Band (A202)Huron Heights SS Symphonic Band (B300)Westwood Collegiate "Vocal State of Mind" (C301)
11:30Notre Dame Jazz Combo (A301)Georgian Bay District Secondary School Symphonic Band (B400)Alexander Mackenzie Choir (C301)
12:00Brocklehurst Middle School Gr. 8/9 Jazz Band (A601)
12:30Collingwood Collegiate Symphonic Band (B300)
13:00Saltfleet District High School Senior Repertoire Band (B300)Nepean High School Chamber Choir (C301)
13:30Fort Richmond Collegiate Intermediate Jazz (A301)Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS Junior Concert Band (B100)Ottawa Catholic OCSB Chamber Choir (C301)
14:00Westwood Collegiate Sr.Jazz (A301)Harmonie Jean De La Mennais (B200)Laura Secord Jazz Choir (C301)
14:30Notre Dame Jazz Band (A301)Sir William Mulock Secondary School Festival Winds (B300)Trafalgar Castle Singers (C301)
15:00Laurel Heights S.S. Senior Jazz Band (A301)Crosby Heights Public School Symphonic Band (B200)St. Elizabeth Catholic High School Grade 12 Regional Arts Choir (C301)
15:30Huron Heights Secondary School (Newmarket) Jazz Band (A301)R C Palmer Secondary Concert Band (B300)St. Michael Catholic High School Choir (C301)
16:00Fort Richmond Collegiate Senior Jazz Band (A301)Saltfleet District High School Prelude Band (B100)Laura Secord Concert Choir (C301)
16:30Nepean High School Jazz Combo (A301)Alexander Mackenzie Symphony Orchestra (O400)John Knox Christian School Choir (C401)
17:00Lethbridge Collegiate Institue Jazz Ensemble (A301)Ashbury College Symphonic Band (B200)
17:30St. Anne's Catholic Secondary School Concert Band (B200)
18:00Laura Secord Secondary School Concert Band (B300)
18:30Willowdale Middle School Festival Winds (B200)
19:00John Maland High School Concert Band (B400)
19:30Lethbridge Collegiate Institute Gold Symphonic Band (B400)
20:00Ridley College Symphony Orchestra (O400)
20:30Nepean High School Wind Ensemble (B500)
21:00Georgian Bay District Secondary School Concert Band (B200)
21:30Triton Music Senior Band (B300)

Friday May 17, 2024

Time Stage A Stage B Stage C Stage D (Virtual Performance)
08:00Westside Secondary School Concert Band (B100)
08:30Ensemble Lionel-Groulx 1 Combo. (A101)
09:00Sudbury Secondary School Jazz Ensemble (A301)Orchestre CLAssik de 2e cycle (B300)
09:30Elmwood School Jazz Combo (A102)Evan Hardy Collegiate School Senior Concert Band (B400)St. Mary's Treblemakers (C301)
10:00Lasalle Secondary School Jazz Ensemble (A301)Orchestre à cordes de 6e année des Cèdres (S300)Beaconsfield Junior High School Choir (C401)
10:30Nepean High School Jazz Orchestra (A301)Westside Secondary School Honour Band (B300)King's Chamber Choir (C301)
11:00Jean Augustine Secondary School Jazz Ensemble (A301)Huntsville High School - HHS Concert Band (B200)St. Mary Singers (C301)
11:30Jazz Ensemble Academie Sainte-Thérèse (A301)PEN Education Centre Junior Force (C102)
12:00Emily Carr "EC Glee" (C401)
12:30Fort Richmond Collegiate Wind Ensemble (B600)St. Joseph's College Choir (C101)
13:00Lasalle Secondary School Concert Band (B300)Jean Augustine Secondary School Vocal Ensemble (JASS Choir) (C301)
13:30Ashbury String Ensemble (S300)PEN Education Centre Smooth Jazz (C301)
14:00Longfields-Davidson Heights Jr. Concert Band (B200)Pembina Trails Collegiate Choir (C301)
14:30Salisbury Composite High School Concert Band (B400)
15:00Windfields Middle School Chamber Strings (S200)
15:30PEN Education Centre "Groove Masters" (A102)Harmonie Brind'Amour (B100)
16:00GCVI Gael Force Stage Band (A301)Longfields-Davidson Heights Sr. Concert Band (B400)
16:30Huntsville High School - Jazz Band (A201)Fort Richmond Collegiate Symphonic Band (B500)
17:00Jazz Sudbury Youth Band (A102)Nepean High School Percussion Ensemble (B401)
17:30PEN Education Centre Classical Chamber Ensemble (B500)Windfields Middle School Senior Strings (S200)
18:00Glenforest Jazz Ensemble (A301)Guelph Collegiate & Vocational Institute Orchestra (O300)
18:30Kingston Secondary School Jazz Band (A301)Sacred Heart Catholic High School Concert Band (B200)
19:00Nepean All-City Lab Band (A202)St. Michael Catholic Secondary School - CSS Concert Band (B200)
19:30CMS Advanced Jazz Ensemble B (A402)Toronto French School Junior Wind Ensemble (B200)
20:00Thornlea Secondary School Concert Band (B200)
20:30Ashbury Senior Concert Band (B400)
21:00Toronto French School Senior Wind Ensemble (B500)

Saturday May 18, 2024

Time Stage A Stage B Stage C Stage D (Virtual Performance)
09:30Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School Brasscals (B301)
10:00Guelph Collegiate & Vocational Institute - Sr. Symphonic Band (B300)
11:00Chipewa Secondary School Concert Band (B200)
11:30Harmonie intermédiaire de la Cité-des-Jeunes (B200)
12:00The Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra Concert Winds (B200)
12:30Ensemble Guitare-Champagneur (B300)
13:00Toronto French School Festival Wind Ensemble (B600)