Ellison Canadian Honour Choir

Ellison Choir

2018 Ellison Canadian Honour Choir

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MusicFest Canada, “The Nationals” invites you to audition for the”virtual”  Ellison Canadian Honour Choir. The 2021 ECHC will come together in the virtual preparation and presentation of choral masterworks, under the artistic leadership of Scott Leithead. 

Of special interest this year is the MusicFest Institute.  MusicFest Canada has formed an historic partnership with the National Youth Band of Canada (NYB) to present a series of lectures and masterclasses for all MusicFest Honour Ensemble members and all NYB members by world-class musicians in April and May 2021.  Membership in any of the MusicFest Honour Ensembles includes access to these optional learning and listening experiences, which will feature esteemed orchestra, wind band, choral and jazz musicians from across North America.  

Directed by Kit Pasagui, this ensemble is open to advanced high school and university singers who are seeking an extraordinary performing and learning experience.  Auditions close on March 1, 2021.  The fee for successful applicants is $20. If you have any questions about the ECHC, please email Kit Pasagui (kitbiellepasagui@gmail.com).


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