2024 Recording Festival

All directors entering ensembles in the 2024 MusicFest Recording Festival must upload scores and recordings of all performance pieces through their online registration by April 1, 2024. After their ensemble’s performance has been adjudicated, directors will be contacted by MusicFest to schedule their one-hour clinic with one of the three Adjudicators/Evaluators. MusicFest will broadcast all recorded ensemble performances as part of the May 13-18 festival schedule. As in the live festival, Honour Award and Ensemble Award plaques will be awarded.

Recordings must be:

  • Video format (not simply an audio track) 

  • No splicing is permitted within pieces

  • No mixing, balancing or other effects (ie. reverb) is permitted.

Please click this link to access information about MusicFest’s recommendations for producing your Adjudicated Recording Video, and for information about renting equipment (as needed).

Recording Festival registration fees for Canadian ensembles are flat rates, and are determined by the size of the ensemble, as follows:

–              2-6 performers: the minimum fee of $599.00 will apply

–              7-12 performers:        $879.00

–              13-22 performers:      $1029.00

–              23-41 performers:     $1279.00

–              42+  performers:      $1479.00

Registration fees for participating international ensembles virtually reflect the additional expenses associated with translations, international communications and production of awards, as follows:

–              2-6 performers:        $949.00 

–              7-12 performers:        $1209.00

–              13-22 performers:      $1,449.00

–              23-41 performers:    $1,649.00

–              42+  performers:    $1,849.00

If your organization has registered more than three ensembles, feel free to contact Jim Howard at jim.howard@musicfest.ca regarding a possible fee discount.

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