2019 Canadian Instrumental Jazz Syllabus

The MusicFest Instrumental Jazz Committee has assembled a list of over 200 compositions and arrangements by Canadian writers. Ensembles are encouraged (but not required) to perform at least one number by a Canadian composer or arranger.

Level 1

Big Block BluesSabina, LesKendorswing
Big IslandAppleby, Brian & Scott RogalApRorock
Blue HeronOverton, ChristianClovertone MusicWaltz
Blues-Go-RoundSabina, LesKendorswing
BoomerangRogal, ScottApRorock
BrantaRichards, TomClovertone Musicsalsa
Chilled OutSabina, LesKendorrock
Cowboy CountdownOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
Crunch TimeAppleby, BrianApRo rock
DaydreamYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Dean's WorldYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
Follow My LeadSabina, LesKendorswing
Front of the TrainMeeboer, RyanEighth Notemambo
Game On!Ballantyne, AndyClovertone Musicrock
Ginger JamYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingblues
Glazed OverSabina, LesKendorrock
Hotel MamboOverton, ChristianClovertone Musiclatin
Jazzmin TeaGassi, VinceBelwin3/4 swing
La Cattura Di Salvatore VelocePatterson, ErikClovertone Musicrock
La Squadra Da MilanoPatterson, ErikClovertone Musicrock
Luke's BluesAppleby, Brian & Scott RogalApRoswing
Mission: SecretMeeboer, RyanEighth Noterock
Moatfield ShuffleRichards, TomClovertone MusicShuffle
Mr. CoolMeeboer, RyanEighth Noteswing
NiobeGassi, VinceBelwinlatin
OrinocoGassi, VinceBelwinlatin
Pacific AttitudeGassi, VinceBelwinrock
Pete's ChuneOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicreggae
Red River Mud PieBallantyne, AndyClovertone Musicblues
Rough CopyMeeboer, RyanEighth Notefunk
Sakura LullabyOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicballad waltz
SleepwalkMeeboer, RyanEighth NoteSwing
Something ModalMeeboer, RyanEighth NoteSwing
Stone Cold StrutPatterson, ErikClovertone Musicrock
Swing AwayAppleby, BrianApRoswing
Tai Tam BluesAppleby, Brian & Scott RogalApRoswing
Train TrackOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
TweetGassi, VinceBelwinrock
You Must KnowMeeboer, RyanEighth Notesamba
Zero GravityGassi, VinceBelwinRock

Level 2

A Kingdon's Last Hope Jr.Overton, ChristianClovertone Music12/8
A Long Kept SecretOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicballad
All Your BasePatterson, ErikClovertone Musicrock
Are You For Real?Yorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock shuffle
At Long LastOverton, ChristianClovertone Musiclatin
Atlantic CrossingOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicstraight 8ths modal
BabyMeeboer, RyanEighth Noteballad
Baby Cha-CheYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Back Seat ConfessionsCamwell, DavidDorn Publicationsballad
BBT BluesRogal, ScottApRoswing
Big VMeeboer, RyanEighth Noterock
Blue LoonAppleby, Brian ApRoswing
Blues EncounterAppleby, Brian & Scott RogalApRoswing
Bob's WorldRogal, ScottApRorock
BrouhahaSabina, LesKendorrock
Cathy's ArmyYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingballad
CheekyYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
Chili Club GrooveRogal, ScottApRolatin
Cloud SongOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicrock
Crusin' at 30000Overton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
Crying on the InsideYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Deep FriedSabina, LesKendorswing
Disco FunkMarlatt, David (arr. Ryan Meeboer)Eighth Notefunk
Down 'N UpSabina, LesKendorswing
Down and OutMeeboer, RyanEighth Noteblues
Drew's BluesYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingswing
Electro's Next Plot (Jr.)Overton, ChristianClovertone MusicSlow Shuffle
En Su CaminoCrowe, GregClovertone Musiccha cha
Finding PeaceYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Formula OneSabina, LesKendorswing
French ToastYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
Friday Night SpecialOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
Gentle OneYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingbasie ballad
Gig BagSabina, LesKendorswing
Glass Half FullYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingballad
Go Go BluesOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicgo go rock
Go With the FlowAppleby, BrianApRoballad
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemenarr. Overton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
Grit Your TeethYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingswing
Hangin' at the ShackRogal, ScottApRoballad
Hotter SauceSabina, LesKendorlatin
HushThomas, BillEighth Noteballad
Live WireYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
Looking SouthSabina, LesKendorlatin
Maximum TrajectorySabina, LesKendorswing
Missing You (short version)Stride, FredSierraballad
n00bYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock shuffle
O CanadaGassi, VinceEighth Notetraditional
Oh So FineMeeboer, RyanEighth Notefunk
PassagesAppleby, Brian & Scott RogalApRoballad
Patent Leather ShoesYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
Primal ForcesAppleby, BrianApRorock
Reservoir RoadRogal, ScottApRorock
RockridgeAppleby, BrianApRorock
Rooster TailSabina, LesKendorlatin
Season OpenerAppleby, Brian & Scott RogalApRorock
Seismic StrutSabina, LesKendorlatin
Shushwap ShuffleBallantyne, AndyClovertone MusicSwing
Socal SambaSabina, LesKendorlatin
Sock Hop Be-BopOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicgroovy
Sometimes I Feel Like a MuppetHunt, ChrisClovertone Musicswing
South Bay BluesRogal, ScottApRorock
Southern CharmSabina, LesKendorballad
Summer ShowerYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Swing HappensSabina, LesKendorswing
Swing Inc.Sabina, LesKendorswing
Swingin' Shepherd BluesKoffman, Moe (arr. Rick Stitzel)Hal Leonardswing
Tango!Overton, ChristianClovertone Musictango
That LookOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing ballad
The First NoelOverton, ChristianClovertone MusicWaltz
The Gene MachineOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
Thid MRogal, ScottApRorock
ToodlesYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Two Heads Are Better Than OneYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingswing
Vop-adooGingJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.cablues
What Once WasOverton, ChristianClovertone MusicBallad
Wild CardYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingfunk
Winter LullabyRogal, ScottApRoballad
WistfulYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad (trombone feature)
With Fond RemembranceYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingballad

Level 3

A Waste of RationsYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingswing
Almost DoneRogal, ScottApRorock
Arcadian AutumnOverton, ChristianClovertone Music3/4 Swing
Boris and NatashaYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock shuffle
Brand New CarYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
BreenMcDougall, IanWalrusbasie ballad
Canal Street WalkOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
Cold SnapAppleby, BrianApRoswing
Crusher's Last StandMahar, BillBell Mahar Music.comswing
DeparturesJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.ca6/4 ballad
Detective StoryOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicslow swing
Do the Funky SamRogal, ScottApRorock
Don Carlos' DreamDivitt, EwanClovertone Music6/8
Drive the BusYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
El Castor LocoBallantyne, AndyClovertone Musicsalsa
Fall InMcNeill, Deandeanmcneill.commed. straight 1/8ths
FarewellYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Femi's FlightOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicafro beat
FiligreeStride, FredSierraballad
Gray SkiesStride, FredSierraswing
Groanin'Mahar, BillBell Mahar Music.comshuffle
HamunaptraOverton, ChristianClovertone MusicRock
Hangin' With Uncle GeoffYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingswing
Hitting Her StrideYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
Imminent ImpactSabina, LesKendorfunk
Into the LightStride, FredSierrafusion
Last SummerMcDougall, IanWalrusballad
Let Me Be The Sugar In Your TeaOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
LiftedOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
Little Static Cling, AStride, FredSierrarock
Lost StoriesOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicstraight 8ths
Ned's BoogieRogal, ScottApRoboogie
No 'Stache For AshYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
Out Of The FogYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Playing the FieldSabina, LesKendorrock
PoolsideYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishing"Basie" ballad
PorcupineYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock
ReflectionsMcNeill, Deandeanmcneill.comhorn choral
Return of the ShuffleupagusJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.cashuffle
Sax AccordStride, FredSierraballad
Sea SprayStride, FredSierralatin
Soft WindsStride, FredSierralatin
Sol FiestaKundakcioglu, MariaClovertone Musiclatin
Sparky's New DigsYorke-Slader, NeilUNC Jazz Pressswing
Sundown, SundownJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.cafusion
Sweet DreamsYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingballad
T3 BluesRogal, ScottApRoswing
TambadoraKundakcioglu, MariaClovertone Musiclatin
The Dancehall ShakeOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicdance hall
The Dirrty DogHunt, ChrisClovertone Musicfunk
The Green BluesOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
The PhantomLogue, JasonClovertone Musicswing
The StrideJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.calatin
The TestOverton, ChristianClovertone Music12/8
The Timothy TreeJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.carock
The WiggleGrossman, JoshClovertone Musicfunk
Yun GiaOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicsalsa
ZhongdianYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad

Level 4

A Day at StanhopeYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishing/UNC Jazz Pressrock ballad
Air BlairYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingswing
Alone In A Crowded RoomYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingballad
Back Bacon BluesMcDougall, IanWalrusswing
Bandar's Five Year FunkYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingfunk
BlowtorchSabina, LesKendorfunk
Bunser BurnerMcNeill, Deandeanmcneill.comswing
ChazzGrossman, JoshClovertone Musiclatin
Cooke's DelightSabina, LesKendorswing
Dante's Hot HouseGassi, VinceH.M.S. Publishingswing
Dark MatterBallantyne, AndyClovertone Musicballad
E & HSabina, LesUNC Jazz Pressballad
EpitaphBallantyne, AndyClovertone MusicBallad Waltz
Evil EyeYorke-Slader, NeilUNC Jazz Pressrock
First X FreeHunt, ChrisClovertone Musicstraight 8ths
Four More to GoAu, AllisonClovertone Musicswing
From the TopStride, FredSierraswing
Funk OutKundakcioglu, MichaelClovertone Musicfunk
Gentle Breeze ("Qing Feng")Yorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Getting Her WayYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishinglatin
Gossamer WingsYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock ballad
Happy DanceYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishinglatin
Humber BoulevardDivitt, EwanClovertone MusicShuffle
IntersectionsBuckley, BobBarnhouseswing
Missing You (pro version)Stride, FredSierraballad
More SheepYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishinglatin
On The Ending EarthPatterson, ErikClovertone Musicballad
Quizas Tenia RazonJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.ca12/8 afro-cuban
Ragtop HeavenYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingswing/rock shuffle
Santa MonicaYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishinglatin
Santiago NightsLogue, JasonClovertone MusicLatin Rock
Something for Ernie (Nothing for Bert)Stride, FredSierraswing
StreetmodeMahar, BillBell Mahar Music.comswing
Surface TensionLewis, JimClovertone Musicswing
The Fifth BeatleBallantyne, AndyClovertone Musicodd metre straight 8ths
The PathGrossman, JoshClovertone Musicgospel & funk
The Phone Don't Ring JackBallantyne, AndyClovertone Musicshuffle
The PursuitOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
This But's for You!Promane, TerryClovertone Musicswing
Two For JerryJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.catbn. duet swing
West End BluesMahar, BillBell Mahar Music.comswing
WhirlwindStride, FredSierraswing
Wicker ChickenJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.cafunk

Level 5

A Kingdom's Last HopeOverton, ChristianClovertone Music12/8 Feel
Bad DreamMacDonald, EarlWalrusswing
Bitter TartRunions, GregUNC Jazz Pressjazz waltz
Blues UnblueMcDougall, IanWalrusswing
Caffeine, Anyone?Sabina, LesUNC Jazz Pressswing
Cool Ones, TheStride, FredSierrafunk
Countless Blues, TheWilkins, RickWalrusswing
Desolation BluesMcDougall, IanWalrusswing
DriftArgue, Darcy JamesReally Good Music3/4 ballad
Electro's Next PlotOverton, ChristianClovertone MusicSlow Shuffle
End of A Love StoryHaines, SteveUNC Jazz Pressballad
Everyday LivingMcNeill, Deandanmcneill.com3/4 swing
For SonnyMcNeill, Deandanmcneill.com3/4 swing
Greetings - From McSlide to McValveMcDougall, IanWalrusballad/swing
Heading BackMcDougall, IanWalrus
Heading OutMcDougall, IanWalrus
Is This the Underground?Jones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.calatin
Jake O'ShawnaseyJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.cafusion
Lightly TurningMcDougall, IanWalrus
Living LonelyRunions, GregUNC Jazz Pressballad
MarantaSabina, LesUNC Jazz Presslatin
Mensa, Baby!Yorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishingrock/mixed metres/waltz
Mind PortalsYorke-Slader, NeilBurnihla Music Publishinglatin & rock
Mingusian GrinderMahar, BillBell Mahar Music.comblues
NumblyMahar, BillBell Mahar Music.comswing
O.S. BluesMcDougall, IanWalrusswing
Oh, Brother!Runions, GregUNC Jazz Pressswing
Oprah and the Bean HarvestJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.cafusion 6/4 & 7/4
Santiago SidestepSabina, LesUNC Jazz Presslatin/swing
Sea JayMcDougall, IanWalrusjazz waltz
Spanish BanksStride, FredSierralatin
Sweet AdelphiJensen, ChristineJenisis Musicjazz waltz
Sylvan ValeJensen, ChristineJenisis Musicballad
Tall ShadowsJones, Andrewandrewjonesmusic.cafusion 7/4
The Rest...Tynan, PaulUNC Jazz Pressswing
The SplitMurley, Mike (arr. Steve Haines)UNC Jazz Pressslow swing
ThreadsMcNeill, DeanWalrusswing
TransitArgue, Darcy JamesReally Good Musiccontemporary
Vernal FieldsJensen, ChristineJenisis Musicjazz waltz/ funk
VistaBallantyne, AndyClovertone Music6/8 & 3/4
Who AskedWilkins, RickWalrusswing
Wood & ShadowOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicslow straight 8ths

Level 6

2 Dave KOverton, ChristianClovertone Musicswing
B.B GunMcDougall, IanWalrus
Body and SoulMahar, BillBell Mahar Music.comswing
C.K.U.A.McNeill, DeanWalrusswing
Canada's Ocean PlaygroundHaines, SteveUNC Jazz Pressswing in 3/4 & 4/4
Cats Don't Have EyebrowsMcDougall, IanWalrus
ChrysalisArgue, Darcy JamesReally Good Musicballad
Clarinet is Black and Blue, TheMcConnell, RobWalrusswing
Club SiroccoMcDougall, IanWalrusswing
Days Gone ByMcConnell, RobWalrusballad/swing
Do You Mean It??!! - $2000.00 (U.S.)McDougall, IanWalrusswing
Even Canadians Get the BluesMcConnell, RobWalrusswing
Flux in a BoxArgue, Darcy JamesReally Good Musicswing
Forward MotionHaines, SteveUNC Jazz Presslatin
Fuerte Como ToroChycoski, Amie (arr. Ian McDougall)Walrusballad/latin
Get Out And Stay OutMcDougall, IanWalrusswing
IntersectionJensen, ChristineJenisis Musiccontemporary
It's Hard to Find OneMcConnell, RobWalrusjazz waltz
Place of Shoaling WatersMcDougall, IanWalrussuite
Riffs I Have KnownMcConnell, RobWalrusswing
SeafeverJensen, ChristineJenisis Musiclatin
SomnambluesMcDougall, IanWalrusswing
Soul MatesHaines, SteveUNC Jazz Presslatin
Start With Mrs. BeanhartMcConnell, RobWalrusswing
Stereo BluesMcConnell, RobWalrusswing
T.O. TwoMcConnell, RobWalrusswing
That's RightMcConnell, RobWalrusrock
The EipperTynan, PaulUNC Jazz Pressfast swing
The New CureRunions, GregUNC Jazz Pressblues
Traditional PeaceMcConnell, RobWalruslatin
Tribute to Art Fern, AMcConnell, RobWalrusswing
Wheeler DealerMcNeill, DeanWalrus3/4 swing
You Better Believe It!McDougall, IanWalrusswing

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