Acadia Percussion Ensemble

The Acadia Percussion Ensemble (APE) is one of the many performing ensembles at the Acadia University School of Music in Nova Scotia. Percussion graduates from this program have gone on to careers as principal percussionists in orchestras, music producers, audio engineers, award winning composers, university professors,  and much more. The Acadia Percussion Ensemble is a vehicle through which, with careful guidance, performers explore excellence and self-discovery through the complex relationships afforded while working on some of the most exciting new and historical works for percussion. The percussion students at Acadia form a strong community of support where they learn the skills to not only pursue solo work at the highest level in their private lessons but also develop the skills to support and teach each other through critical inquiry and communication work. This concert will also feature some of the work of graduating percussionist Tyler McDonald from Glace Bay, NS.

Tentative Program:

Excerpt from Monkey Chant by Glenn Kotche (performed by Tyler McDonald, Acadia Grad ‘21)

Treebeard by Adam Campbell (TorQ Percussion Quartet, Acadia Grad ‘05)

Porcupine by Keith Stratton (Toronto Composer/Percussionist, Acadia Grad ’16)

Moon Chasers by Mark Ford (performed by Tyler McDonald, Acadia Grad ‘21)

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