MusicFest Institute 2021

For the first time, MusicFest Canada offered an Institute of special virtual sessions, available to all Honour Ensemble members. Topics spanned the entire musical spectrum, and were presented by some of North America’s top music educators and performers.

Institute Presenters:

Mark Adam

Mark Adam  – Acadia University

Practicing and Practice Schedules

Kathy Armstrong

Kathy Armstrong   – Carleton University    

Expanding Musical Horizons at University       

Christopher Bill

Christopher Bill – Denis Wick (London)

Trombone Specialties

Donnie Deacon

Donnie Deacon – Ottawa Youth Orchestra

Masterclass for Violin and Viola Students

Vanessa Fralick

Vanessa Fralick – Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Tips for Brass Players

Jake Hanlon

Jake Hanlon – St. Francis Xavier University   

Jazz Composition                 

Greg Jasperse

Greg Jasperse – Western Michigan University

A Conversation with composer/arranger Greg Jasperse

Sarah Jeffrey

Sarah Jeffrey – Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Tips for Reed Woodwind Players

Jennifer Jolley

Jennifer Jolley – Texas Tech University

Lichtweg/Lightway—The Compositional Process

Ranee Lee

Ranee Lee – McGill University

Sing Me a Story – Masterclass

Scott Leithead

Scott Leithead – Kokopelli Choirs

Thoughts & Advice for the Young Musician

Antonio Llaca-Buznego

Antonio Llaca-Buznego – Carleton University

Singing Through University: Why Join a Choir During Your Studies?

Tania Miller

Tania Miller – Professional Conductor

Finding Your Potential in Performance and Life

Kenji Omae

Kenji Omae  – St. Francis Xavier University

Jazz Improvisation: My Favorite Solo Devices

Attila Pasztor – Thomastik-Infeld (Vienna)

How to Boost Your Performance

Camille Watts

Camille Watts – Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Tips for Effective Music Preparation

Stephen Wick

Stephen Wick – Denis Wick (London)

Q & A: Mouthpieces, Old Tubas & Movie Soundtracks

Drew Zaremba

Drew Zaremba – University of Northern Colorado  

Samba Juice:  Meet the Composer, Q&A        

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