Raven Saxophone Quartet

Raven Saxophone Quartet is comprised of a vibrant group of musicians from Carleton University. Under the direction of Mike Tremblay, the Carleton University ensemble took to the international stage in March of 2020, winning fourth place at the International Chamber Music Ensemble Competition at New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts. Despite the global pandemic that followed, Raven Saxophone Quartet continued to flourish musically by collaborating through multi-track recordings. In January of 2021, the quartet began rehearsing online in real-time via Adrian Cho’s platform, SyncSpace Live. Raven Saxophone Quartet is thrilled to be performing at MusicFest Canada this year.


Rebecca Cowal, Soprano Saxophone

Rebecca Cowal is in her fourth year of undergraduate study at Carleton University and is looking forward to graduating with her Bachelor of Music degree in the fall of 2021. She has performed with Carleton University Jazz Ensembles, Parkdale Orchestra, and with Raven Saxophone Quartet at New England Conservatory in Boston.

Liam Nesbit, Alto Saxophone

Liam Nesbit is currently in his second year in Carleton University’s Bachelor of Music program, studying jazz alto saxophone under Mike Tremblay. He has participated in MusicFest Nationals multiple times during his time at South Carleton High School, playing in both the concert band and instrumental jazz divisions, and looks forward to participating once again as a member of a featured concert!

Samuel Boucher, Tenor Saxophone

Samuel Boucher is the tenor saxophonist of the Raven Saxophone Quartet. He has been playing the saxophone for nine years and has graduated from Béatrice – Desloges Highschool. He is currently in his fourth year of his Bachelor’s in Music at Carleton university and plans to graduate in the fall 2021. 

Zachary Sedlar, Baritone Saxophone

Zachary Sedlar is a graduate of Canterbury High School’s music program, and Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts program. He’s currently finishing the final year of his BMus at Carleton University. His most recent musical “claim to fame” was opening for Snoop Dogg at the Tweed Shindig festival.

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