Volunteer – What to Expect?

General information for Volunteers

Hours of Work

  • As the Festival operates from early morning to late evening, volunteers are generally expected to remain available for this span of time.  Actual hours of work depend on the position worked and the level of staffing on each team.
  • Because of the level of training required, volunteers are required to work full-time during the entire week of the Festival.
  • Food and recreation breaks are scheduled periodically throughout each working day.

MusicFest Staff Code of Conduct

  • All volunteers are required to abide by the MusicFest Staff Code of Conduct.


  • The schedule for volunteering at MusicFest Canada 2023 spans from Saturday, May 13 through to Saturday, May 20 inclusive.
  • Volunteers are expected to be available for both day and evening shifts, or a combination of both, each day for the duration of the week.
  • MusicFest volunteers are excluded, because of these commitments, from participant activities such as performing in an ensemble.  However, during free time volunteers may watch adjudicated performances, attend clinics and workshops, and view feature concerts as their schedule allows.
  • For certain specialized positions, the required arrival and departure dates may be extended.


  • Volunteers are provided with a detailed procedures and operations guide, which outlines the overall Festival, and each specific work task.
  • Orientation and hands-on training is provided at the outset of the festival, under the direction of Festival management and senior volunteers.


  • Each volunteer is provided with accommodations on or near the Festival site.  Should travel be required during the Festival as a portion of a volunteer’s job duties, it will also be provided.  Incidentals to the hotel room or lodging (room service, long distance, etc.) will be at the expense of the volunteer.
  • A per-diem allowance is also provided to assist with the cost of food.
  • All travel to and from the Festival site in Niagara Falls is at the expense of the volunteer, unless specifically provided for within their job title.


  • Each volunteer is provided with uniform shirts and expected to wear them during each operating Festival day.
  • The remainder of dress is dependent on the position worked, but should be clean and presentable.

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